Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful wenesday

This am I kept Mika and Peyton while poor Laila had to go to the Dr. and get shots:((( she was a big girl and very proud of her band aids and sticker:) The went to mothers and cleaned some and went to the store for her, they have oooey gooey butter cake in sm pieces at wal mart market by Paula Dean, mother and April said it was real good:) Mother got her hair done today and her care giver is there now. I then took Max to get DS games then I went to work:) Listed a wonderful home, hope it sells soon, I need a pay check:) Got all paper work done on it and have it in the computer:) I can be long on here, Max is waiting for a back scratch and prayers and I am ready for bed:) hugs and nite

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