Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

I had sales meeting today and it was a long full tour of some great listings, got side tracked at one of my new listings and then went to lunch at Moe's, then worked and went to Foxridge assisted living and called the bingo for the residents, it was mt first time to do this, I will do it the second Tuesday of each month, I had bought gifts fro the winners, it was fun, Kay dropped mother off and she played and actually won a game!! Then she worked with me some and then we went to Red Lobster:)) Alicia went with us, then mother and I walked around Pier one imports, now mother and I are home and in our PJ'S, we just watched touched by an angel, it was sad but good:) I love the Hallmark channel, mother is sleeping in her chair, we sat on the deck for awhile, very peaceful, you can hear the birds and tree frogs and crickets:) Tomorrow April will take her to get her hair done and then Connie the care giver comes, I enjoy this time with mother, it is restful and always a fun time. It was hard at first today with her at bingo because it sends the message home to me of where my mother really is, at first it was hard fro her but she caught on real quick and was proud to win:)) and if your wondering I did not cheat:)) she was not sitting near me, she was with my dear friend Pam Richey:)) but I did think about cheating fro Mrs. Smiley, she was so close to a bingo, only needed one more, I started to just call the number she needed, but did not do it, in case some of them would know:) They are the parents of some dear friends of mine. Steve took Max home today along with Alicia's children to Hannah's home till Sunday:) She will have her hands full and Alicia will have a much needed break. April keeps Cole fro Sean and Sarah Thursday then I do Friday and Saturday. I am excited about him coming for a few days:)) hope my back holds out, he is one arm load. Steve then went to the condo and played tennis with the FFB people, then he will come home tonight, Kay went to the condo today for a few days, so she will have a much needed break, the condo is always a peaceful place to go and the amenities are wonderful:)) lake/pool/peace and quite! Well tomorrow once I get mother off to get her fair fixed I have some work to do:)) YEA!! Still need listings and buyers so help me pray them in......Hugs and nite!

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