Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Madness

Today started with a home inspection bright and early, ok so it was 9am:) but I had slept at Jared's again and it is so quiet and peaceful there, I slept like a rock and did not want to get up, the night before I slept till 10 the next day, I loved their covers and mattress:) but most of all the pillows:) I need me some pillows like theirs. I then went to the office and tried to hurry to get things done cause I needed to be at mothers at 11:30am so April could go to work, then after restructuring my day, April calls and did not have to work after all its tomorrow she works:) so we did what nay one would do, we all went to lunch at Gadwalls:))) mother enjoyed getting out, we went to hobby lobby to get mother a calender and April a erasable board for her schedule:), only to realize that mothers new pretty calender was fro 2011!! I will need to get her one tomorrow fro 2010 so she can have her appointments on it, she likes to know in advance, she says we never tell her but we do, she just can not remember:) Then I spent the afternoon with her, enjoyed my time:) its hard fro me to just sit still and watch TV but that is what you do at her house, so we watched I love Lucy:)) then Kay came and I left to go back to work to finish what I did not get done, the pick up some chicken and came home and ate, Hannah's children all hug you like they just saw you fro the first time:) makes you feel loved, Regina is still here, getting to visit with her more then normal, I enjoy her company:) Max loves it and wants her all to him self:) Steve, Hannah, Mark are watching Lord of the rings, and I am ready for bed, Regina is in bed with max and blake, hope she gets some sleep, she can always move to the guest bed if she needs too:) April is doing well at ALex and Jill's, I really enjoy my time with her more now, its nice not to have conflict:) Jill and Alex seem ok with it all. Keep April in your prayers:) I am not in agreement with some of what she does, but she may have to learn the hard way, I just have to tell my self God does not have grand children and she is His:) well best make it a day and get to bed, loving the thunder and rain!!! hugs and nite!

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