Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fish fry Thursday!

At work, just about to finish up, have a fish fry to attend at 5:30 then go to Celebrate Recovery at 6:30, I started going last week, its a program at the church for people with hurts, habits, hang ups, I have always thought it was for recovering or trying to recover alcoholics, drug addicts, and it is but its for everything form what they tell me, so I decided to go, God is dealing with me on a lot of issues right now and it is a hard time for me. Most of all I am in many totally new areas of my life so I am finding me:) Keep me in your prayers:) Worked all day, had lunch with April today, she is now at work, I love my time with her, I still miss her but have no doubt in my mind this move was the right move:) I do feel like I have let her go, matter of fact she belongs to the Lord, always has, always will, I just thought she belonged to me:))) I seem to enjoy her more now, I really do not feel the responsibility of parenthood, even thought I am her mother, I feel she is ready to make her own decisions and if I know them fine and if I do not know them fine, like with my other grown children:))) it is a good thing for me. Mother is doing so good, I do think this medicine is helping her, she is more alert and is for sure not getting worse:) I am excited about that. Oh yes, we are going to Florida on vacation, we are staying with Bob and Alicia:) mother will not go, Faye can stay the week with her except when Kay is there:) so that will be a fun family time, we had decided not to go but Steve said we will, our money is tight but with us staying with Alicia and Bob that is a no brainer:) Looks like I will have a good Aug. if all closes on the loans I have, real estate is so up and down, but really when you focus on it and work it it pays off, when you do not follow up or work it it does not pay off, so may be it is me:)) you think?? I have just had so much on my plate these past few months, right when I think I am about to get ok something happens, and it is usually something emotional for me, so I am trying to take in all in and let God be God to me, weather its a healing of my emotions or family or mother...what ever God is in control!!! not me:)))) well best get back to work:) going to go visit with mother for awhile before the fish fry:) hugs

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