Thursday, July 29, 2010

Headache Thursday

Woke with my head hurting and it hurt all day till tonight:( Had a appointment at 10:30 so day did not start too early, then had lunch with Dona Price who is my dear friend, Sherry Maxwell had lunch too, I always love my times with either of them I can be me and they can be them:)) and we love each other and hurt for each other and care for each other. Last night I went to step study at Mercy Cross, this goes along with Celebrate recovery that I had been going to on Thursday night, as I had said before I was going to these groups to see if it was for me, Steve goes and I decided to try it, it is for hurts, hang ups and habits. I got the first step study book and began working it, was hard for me to figure out where I fit, I do not have drug addictions or alcohol addictions but for sure have other areas in my life that can change:) Tonight when I went I felt the Lord's presence real strong and knew this is what I need, I made a commitment to work though the step study, not sure how many or how long of a commitment I have made, but for sure feel God drawing me to do the study:) Steve is glad:) but I am not doing it for him but for me:))) I did share some tonight before now i have been pretty quite so that is a step in the right direction for me;) All in all I am hanging in there, mother was more forgetful today, she seemed more confused, so the meds are working:) get though all the confused part and she should level out again with the med. namenda. She weighs 106 pds. which our goal is 110 so we are almost there...YEA!!!! Still dreading leaving her to go on vacation but I know I need to go and I know she will be ok, just worry:(((( It is so hot here, I am showing property all weekend and I dread the heat! Got real hot today, I think I am just too old to work in this heat:))) Well Hannah and her family go home tomorrow, I am sad, I will miss them, I love having them here. I know they are ready to be home, my house ill be solitude quiet and clean, I think I like rowdy and messy better:) God has a work to do in me learning to enjoy the quiet........hummmmm... guess I will clean like crazy when they leave to get it all ready for when anyone comes again:)) Then we leave Friday fro PCB Florida!! YEA!! well gonna go to bed. nite and hugs One thing, at least I work out my frustrations and emotions in a healthy way, cooking and cleaning:))

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