Monday, July 5, 2010

Pic of the day Amelia Joy Averitt

I totally loved this pic Jill had made of Amelia!! She is such a little doll baby! I wanted to share it with you:) We have had a great time at the lake/condo and its about time to leave, Hannah and Mark and Steve went fishing. Time to come home and get my running shoes on with work:) Have a full day tomorrow with sales meeting, listing appointment and working a couple offers. Then a birthday party to go to for a friend:) When I am at the condo I do not want to leave:( when I am home I never come:( so go figure:))) I told Steve my get up and go has got up and left and I need to find it:)) best find it quick cause I need some get up and go:)))))) Max is coming home with us for the week or until he wants to go home, Steve will love having his shadow with him and they have lots of yards to mow:))) I am focusing on work this week, have lots to get accomplished:)) well its been a great fourth, totally have enjoyed it, the only thing that could of been better is to have all my babies and then we would not have all fit:) as Victoria would say, you not fit:) but there is a condo next door we could of rented if need be:) hugs to all

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