Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life changes

Well I am a little older:) and I am hoping a little wiser:) I have had some time to just reflect my life of 57 years, I was quiet and some what back wards as a child:) I was not out going or talkative until latter in life, for most of my life I was very insecure. God has done a lot of healing in me and I am totally different, I was not a nerd, just had issues:) but now in my life I do think I am secure in who I am, in my marriage and as a mother, Nona and friend, saying that let me say this, I am secure because my hope is in the Lord, which means I do not depend on me for this security but on the Lord. Today I watched a church, the Pastor said, his father had given a church building to a friend for the friends church, the friend did not get the building for a couple of years, BUT the building was his the day his father gave it to him, but the friend did not occupy it till later, was it his before he actually occupied it? Yes it was, that is how it is with God, He has given us all we need, He has the desires of our heart, we just need to occupy it:) so in saying all that it encouraged me to know God is in control of me and His desire for me, my desires that He has put in my heart will be fulfilled as I occupy what He has for me with my name on it:) So I am taking Him up on these promises:))) I know He has all my needs met, He has plans for me to prosper and be in good health, He has the same plans for all His children because that is His promises, so many times I look at the day or time and think whats the deal? I forget I can occupy His promises, I think it depends on me, I forget it depends on Him, I have had a sweet time with Him today and I am thankful my trust is in the Lord and He is the one who delivers me and provides for me and comforts me, forgives me, He is the air I breath and gives me life:) If He is not this for you then lets talk because He has your promises ready for you to occupy:) You know I have found that you can not listen to the Lord or be in His presence without realizing your short comings, sins, areas in your life that you may have some blind spots, or areas you have held on to and will not let Him in theses areas, I have these areas, from hurts, pains, rejections I have developed them, does not make it ok or right, just where I have ask the Lord to meet me at and change me in these areas, asking him to help me let Him in and trust Him for his promises, Since He has already done this for me, I am asking the Lord to help me see it and understand it and walk in His promises:) hugs have a great week:)


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