Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Hot HOT

Did I say it was hot here???? Tomorrow will be hotter and I show property and tour of LR/NLR, not looking forward to getting in and out of the car int he heat, but I am looking forward to meeting a new Dr. coming to town, he will work at UAMS, he is a Psychologist. SO should be interesting:) Today Hannah and her family left, Steve had the sheets washing and the floors vacuumed when I got home, so we just hooked up and got it all back spotless, I love a clean house but I love a lived in home to and really enjoyed them being here, I miss them:) Actually it was not to bad, Hannah kept all her things in order and picked up, which makes it easier:) It is so weird just being Steve and I and knowing when we go to bed, no one is coming in or making noise, we went with Jared and Sherry Maxwell to eat then came home and took a jacuzzi bath:) (TMI)and now sitting in our chairs, he is reading and me blogging, bout ready for bed. I think I am gonna like the empty nest syndrome:) I was not sure how I was going to do. My sister got me the sweetest pretty night shirt, it has blue flowers on it, like blue willow:) I love it, feels so feminine, and light weight and cool, has sleeves which is nice:) I will for sure take it to Florida:) Kay has just about got mother's yard finished, it is looking so good, I will take some pics tomorrow:) Mother is doing good, I did see her this am but was not able to go back later due to working my tail off on my house:) I will go tomorrow before I go to work and see it. Best run and get read for the news and bed....hugs and nite

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