Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terffic Tuesday

Tuesday is sales meeting day, so got to work and then did property tour, had some deals to work on and then left with Steve to come to the Fairfield Bay office, Steve likes to play tennis here on Tuesdays, there is a group they meets and they all play, he comes when he can:)It is nice here, cooler then home:) no rain here yet. I would not mind a storm:) only here for the night, have listing appointment tomorrow afternoon:) Hannah and he family are at the house, she leaves Friday morning, I will really miss them:(((( Gonna get my house back straight and look forward to when they can come and mess it up again:) I have a full week the rest of the week but a quieter Sunday. Mother is doing well on her namenda, she still for sure has memory problems, but she can have a conversation and stay involved in it and understand:)) so that is good, she is not as confused as she was. While I am in Florida Kay will be here and the same care giver Faye will be there the whole time:) Looking forward to going and being with Alicia and her family, Hannah and mark and Regina and the babies will be in their condo two floors under us, it will be a fun time:) Steve is back from playing and he is playing better he said, I just sat at condo while he played, he picked up some dinner but could not eat much, feel sorta yucky in my tummy for some reason:( bout ready for bed, tired. We have two new agents in the office here, which is wonderful:))) going to show my lake front property listed here tomorrow:) Love coming here to work, might want to live here if I had enough business:)but this market here is real slow compared to what I am use too:) Everything here runs at a slower pace:) I wanted to share a cute pic of Alicia and Alexandria at Brock's birthday party:) well I pray things in my life settle down some, so many emotional deals for me to deal with lately, one thing is different, I do not try to eat my emotions away, I do think some of that has changed in me, which is a good thing:) now I feel sick, nauseated when I am upset so instead of gaining weight I am losing it, and I still need to get off about 30 more pounds, its hard to believe its only 30 pounds, such a mountain moved in my life:) Thank you Lord, I feel so much better, have more energy and just refreshed in my body, feel better then I have in years:) I am ready for it to get cooler so I can walk/jog again....can not do it into he heat:) well off to bed for me...hugs and nite

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