Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Traveling Tuesday

Today started early with sales meeting in which we had a long, hot property tour:) from one end of the earth to the other:) but listed some saleable homes:) Then had lunch with Alicia, Michele Hagerman a agent I love and work with and my friend Pam Richey:) I had so much work on paper work with all the offers, and listing appointments I went on, its never ending:) Had a total mess on mother's SS, they had her as deceased and Walt as living, now how in the world can someone mess up so bad I will never know, mother and Connie and I went to SS office after Walt passed away, then I get a letter of mother's death, and Walt's benefits, so I go back down there, which is a pure hassle because they do not honor POA and since they had mother dead and Walt alive it was a total mess, I do think it is straight with them now but they did not update the computer information to medicare so mother's insurance canceled, after two and a half hours on the phone on Monday I was fit to be tied, but remember you can get more bees with honey then vinegar! I then sent all the paper work they had to have today to get it straight, so pray it all gets straight! Then Steve and I went to eat and to the store, Hannah and mark are here for 10 days:) I am doing better about April moving out, I have had some prayer time and feel God has given me peace and a sense of direction for me and my life. I have loved the time with Steve, and really think I will like having my home alone with me and him, although that is on hold for a few days:) but that's ok cause I totally miss the Mcgill family, when Blake came in he runs to you and just squeal's, hugs and kisses, Olivia does it too, Max did and ran to his room, he said he could just move in now:)) I love having them here, when I need to get quiet I go in my room:) Regina is coming down too so I look forward to seeing her:) that is Mark's mother. I am real busy at work, mother is doing good, Kay was with her last night and today and April tonight so I will not spend the night this week, I miss it when I don't but am so busy at work I bout couldn't tonight, I worked till 8ish. Tomorrow will show property and meet with a buyer. Then finish up paper work:)) April is doing ok, keep her in your prayers:) its so hard to let go of your children when you know they may be about to make a major mistake in their lives, but you have to let go and know God does not have grandchildren:) does not make it any easier, I pray she will stay at Alex and Jill's, I think she can grow up more there and mature:) spiritually and mentally, she is a very Sweet and special young woman:) I have quit crying, although tonight when I ate crab legs I missed her eating them too:)) She did come over last night and it was nice just to visit:) think I am gonna make it though raising her, now all my babies are raised and I can just be their mother/friend and prayer warrior:) well got to get to bed, all is quiet here now, of course its 12:21am:) hugs and nite

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