Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday at the races!

Olivia hiding under her hot blankey

Mark andhis mother, Regina and family

Olivia under her blankey with daddygrand

Olivia did not like it, she got her blankey and kept it on her head:( till later

Max in car, Chris in back ground

Max in race car

my brother Jimmy Rogers and Max, talking cars

Saturday was a full day, I had work, then Brock's BD party that I took Max to and then to the Benton speed way to watch Chris and Bradley race, my bother Jimmy Rogers has raced everything that can race all his life, now he sponsor's his grandsons in sprint car racing:) Max and Blake loved it, it took Olivia some time to like it:) Max got to go into the pit area and have his pic made in the car:) A fun family evening! Today I slept til 10:30am!! yikes, then laid in the bed and worked on the lap top till noon, I spent the night at Jard's and Jenn's so Hannah and Mark had our bed and Regina and Max slept in my guest bed, Max wanted to have his gigi all to him self:) so sweet:) so it was very quiet and peaceful and I slept and slept:) so of course since Jared and Jenn are still gone I am back tonight for another dose of some good rest:) Jenn made some brownies, not so much for me and Steve but we have ate some of them O:) Now if I can get Steve to quit watching TV and come to bed it would be nice!! Tomorrow I have alot of work and inspection at 9am on a home I sold, plus need to get a inspection report delivered on a listing I have that sold, I then need to be a mother's at 11:30 till Kay gets there about 4ish, then tomorrow night have a realtor's open house to help Marilyn Mckimmey with:) so it will be another full day:))) Today I had over 45 people though my open house, a couple of couples interested in it, hope they either one decide to make a offer, which we be nice:)) then had dinner with Sherry Maxwell, then to church and then to Max and Jack's birthday family pool party, so its been a full day of work, family and fun, mother was with us at church and the party, she enjoyed it:) I enjoyed watching her sign the songs in church:)) she looked so pretty.....I love my momma!! hugs and nite

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