Friday, July 23, 2010

Swimming Friday

Hannah and Mark who met at this pool in the sixth grade:)


Peyton with a ring pop in her mouth:)

All week I have wanted to go to Indian Hills pool with the grand babies, I went there daily when my children we little, me and my girlfriends took our children there, we made their lunches then went home and took a nap, this was a daily thing for me:) with five children you have to do something to wear them out:) Today it finally happened, I finished working in time to take Laila and Peyton and Hannah and Mark and their children all went to the pool, Alicia was to meet us there but she had to work:(( had I known I could of pick her children up and brought them with me:) It was fun, we ordered pizza and had red slushes for dinner:) They have a slide that everyone seemed to enjoy, Laila did it, but was unsure of it, Peyton loved it so did Max and Blake, Olivia liked it but did not want to keep doing it:) I did get a loan closed today and then one feel out, the home had active termites on the main flood joist:) plus had a HUGE 6 foot or longer black snake with gray diamond shapes on it, it was huge and then a bed of snakes in the left back corner of the house, they were big but not as big as the one all laid out, I did not go under the house to see it, I took the peoples word for it, my buyer as under the house, she is in late 70's and was with a repair man, looking at the bout did her in:((( I have a great open house Sunday so pray I sell it:)) I may have to go to the FFB office Monday and work on some things there, which means I will be at the condo:)) not sure yet, but if I have to, I have to! Hannah and Mark will be here till the next weekend, so they may like the house by them self:) Saturday night is Brock's birthday then Sunday night is Max and Jacks birthday so I need to get out and get birthday presents:) Steve and Mcgills are watching a movie and I am ready for bed, so nite and hugs:) For those ho have wondered about mother, she is doing well, she stays home a lot with care givers, me and Kay and April Averitt, we get her out and she and April usually go to Subway and ice cream places:) but it has been so hot lately she has been in more then out, she enjoys her home and really seems to be handling the move and all the changes real good:) Her weight is maintain, she is about 102-104ish, of course she never was more then 120ish in her heavy days:) but all in all she is holding her own, the care giver that I was unsure bout is working out good, mother is settled with her and the caregiver has made some changes, so I am thankful because she is such a sweet Christan lady. Kay always stays on Monday and Tuesday during the day, mother enjoys her time with us, of course she will think she has not seen us in forever and e see her almost daily if not daily:)) but that's ok because you always get a hug and kiss!!! and she is so glad to see you:) ok now it nite nite time:)

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