Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to me, its almost over:)

Amelia saying Happy Birthday to me this am on facebook:))
Laila opening her birthday gifts:)

My Birthday cupcake:) so good! Pam;s garndkids on my coffee cup:)

Happy Birthday to me:) Today was my 57th birthday, it started off ruff, I woke with a sinus headache and nauseated:( Steve and Max and Peyton left early for Jack's baseball game, Steve got McDonald's breakfast for me:) and Max, April does not eat breakfast:( I decided to lay back down, then felt sicker:( got up did a sinus flush which set my head on fire but stopped the headache which was making me sick, so it was worth it, then I was lonely:) so I got Laila and we played, I then let her open her birthday present, its hard for me to keep a surprise:)) image that! She loved it, a Barbee car and two Barbee's:) not hard to make her happy! We then had chicken noddle soup together:) She is so sweet, she just sat in my lap forever and we rocked:)) I then took her back home,( far walk) and took a jacuzzi bath and went and had a massage and then got my nails and feet done:) My dear friend Pam Richey invited Steve and I over for a birthday dinner, she made it so special, it was very sweet and made me feel so loved:) Her husband ray cooked on the grill, it was all yummy, she then had me a birthday cup cake that was soooooooo good, white chocolate....Yes I ate it all:) and chocolate covered strawberries:)) my favorite, it was all too tasty:)) Thank you my dear friend for making my day special. It had been sorta melancholy for me, not sure why cause I had so many birthday wishes:)) Age does not bother me, so it was probably just hormonal:) Well I feel much better, headache gone and tummy full and ready for bed to end this birthday:) till next year when I will be 58:) I think I will look back on my blog last year and see what I did:) to bad I can not remember:(((( All in all I have had a good day and a blessed life, thank you Lord! Nite

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