Monday, July 19, 2010

My home is spotless!!

Yesterday after April left I began cleaning, I either cook or clean when I am upset:) use to eat, but oh well:(( I had planned with Steve to get everything out of the house we have not used in the last six months for mother's estate sale, so I had done the kitchen, but then started on April's old room, now it is a guest bedroom, then started in on the previous guest bedroom which is now a office fro Steve, along with the baby bed...gotta keep that:) Cleaned my closets, actually all the closets, cabinets, drawers and have a load for the sale:) My dead line was 4pm today to have it done so Steve and I have worked our tails off and I hope he can move later, he has worked so hard. I have scrubbed every floor and base boards, all the moldings and trim, anything that can be cleaned got cleaned:) except the dog:) and I will get her later tonight:) I am out of windex, and I just remembered I have not done the refrigerator (inside) but I will get that done asap:) Oh yes, all bedding is washed and beds are made, candles burning:) not that it will last long, but it sure felt good to do it and get it done. I am still sad but I think some of it, is I have never been alone with out children or someone living with us, when we married Bill Brown lived with us, we had a few months when I was PG with Alicia but I was so sick, so I am starting to look forward to being me and Steve, we have never really had that, so if the shades are closed don't come knocking:)))) we still have a few things to do but its Steve's things for his office:) he will love having his things separate from mine:) and I will too:) well gotta go sell a house, for real:)) hugs

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Jen said...

I'm glad you were able to get things cleaned out!! That is always such a good feeling.

Love you!