Thursday, July 8, 2010

Makin it

Today has been slow, trying to churn up business and complete the business I have:) went to mother's today and had the first time to be in her new home and just be me and she just be mother:) It was wonderful, I feel revived in that area, there is life after Alzheimer's:)) I really enjoyed just laying on her couch and talking and she was totally there with me:) I had a headache so it felt good to do nothing, normally I am so busy when I am there, it is hard to just enjoy mother, her care giver was there, and it was just a great visit. Mother is so much more settled in her new home and continues to enjoy it:)) We have a office party tonight or I should say this afternoon, from 5 to 8, it is a pool party with games and awards:) so it will be fun:) best run so I can get ready:) hugs

Lord help something must be wrong with my pc, there are no misspelled words to fix:)

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