Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yea!!! answered prayer

Well this morning started at 5:00 am! which did not put me in the best frame of mind. I could not go back to sleep, or I could have but then would not have made sales meeting so I didn't. I hate it when you do not have to be up till 7:00am and get up at 5:00! I did work in realtor.com listings and got some things done so early this am:) then off to sales meeting then property tour and a Brokers meeting, then showed property! Yea God! We found a stable who boards horses about five minutes from our home!! April can even drive to it!! We will move Apache this Saturday morning. I think this is so much a answered prayer, I had no ideal that there was a stable on this road and I have been by it so many times. April is excited too! Then went to get one of my daddy's saddles that my brother had, it is old but it was a real good leather saddle and Jimmy had it re done so it is in good shape. Then we went to Lugis to eat...yummy! and then by Easy street to get the trash all to the road and then home, Alex came over and he just left, Jill is in Springfield with her sister. Had a in depth talk with him which was really a god talk, I love him and he has a lot of wisdom for being such a young man, although he has been through God's fire and came thru it:) so he has a maturity most men do not have at his age. Well needless to say I am tired, tomorrow is another full day so I best go nite nte!

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