Sunday, March 15, 2009

Way to Go APRIL!!

April Bivens and her cheer squad, Owen, Sawyer and Brock
Haley and April, running buddies

Well today was the Marathon and April Bivens did great! She did it in 2hrs and I think 26 or 22 minutes, she did the half marathon, I am so proud of her and to think I will do this next year excites me!! I would love to be bale to do the half my self!! It is very exciting to see the runners cross the finish line, you know they have been disciplined and are relieved that they made it to the finish line! I am walking and will go again in the am at 8:00, I have started enjoying my walking and still doing 3 miles, I will try to go up a mile by this time next week, it takes me 1 hr. for three:) But I will get there.
Went to eat with Steve and April Averitt, they went to church and I met them, we had Chinese which did not go down good for me, I will not do that again. Too painful for me:( then off to list a home in Hidden Creek and wrote a offer with one of my agents. I need to write one for me:)) Alicia is kicking butt this week:) YEA ALICIA! I think she has sold three and listed two this weekend, maybe more, I lost count. I missed seeing my little Cole this afternoon:( Did I tell you he is over 10 pounds now! He is growing so fast! Good MILK:) from mama. Well have some work to do, so nite!

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