Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My walking buddy Tami Freed, some day I will look like her:) YEA!!
OK so I forgot to turn the pic:( April's new horse blanket...perfect for a Indian baby:)

April's new saddle, she loved it!!

April on Apache and her new saddle and blanket, strips need adjusted:)

April first seeing her saddle, her senior gift from Steve and I, if you look close you might see Charlotte in the cob webs


This morning I got up and started working on a BPO, which is Broker Price Opinion on a property I may get to list, it is just like and appraisal and took me till 2:30pm to finish!! You have to have all the details and it is time consuming and a lot of tedious work, even on market absorption with lists and sells, in which I realized that we have about 96.1 % of the listing selling in the Sherwood that is GREAT news!!

After that I walked snake hill with Tami, we only did two miles today due to lack of time, but will do more next time, I will post you a pic of my walking buddy, she is really a wisdom filled spiritual woman and I have began to cherish my walks and talks with her. She is also a great agent i am training and she will run right past me, she is great in real estate too! I will go ahead and post her pic:) Got it there:) then after killing my self and for real thought I could not breath going up the hill, I started out fast and did not think I would make it but I did.......Yea God! April and I went to the barn and worked on Apache hoofs, in which when you hold the back leg he just puts his weight on you and it is all I can do to hold it up to clean his hoof!! The front are not so bad on his weight but the back is a man's work!! As you can see April loved her saddle, it was her graduation gift from Steve and i, I think it I put a Indian dress and and let her hair fall in her face she would look the real part!! We met some of the their horses, Apache is still in the pen by him self, next week he will meet another passive horse and go to the five acres, then if he does well he will be able to go on all the acres, so then it maybe a different story on getting him to come to us! Right now he will follow us like a dog does, he has such a good temperament, the best I Have had in a horse. Then off to bathe and go to Alicia's party at Crazy Hibachi, food was wonderful and AMy Gunnet made the best chocolate covered strawberries I have EVER ate! I should of took a pic of them, they were pretty too!! Well I am exhausted and going NITE NITE!

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