Sunday, March 29, 2009


Oh my I can not decide what to do, I want to go to church but I am behind on easy street house, so I may work there, then off to my open house in Ward, right near Cabot. I have a feature ad in today's paper so Hope to sell it, I sold the last house with a feature ad! At the open house!! SO many things I need to do, today Apache Will be put with another horse and I want to be there for that, then Easy street has to get ready fro a Monday deadline, we will tour it Tuesday and I need to stage it and stain it, Steve has a lot to do on it too, then I want to go to church and I have Sean and his family here and I want to be with many things I want to do, plus I have to show property too, in which is not a decision for me it and open house are a yes. So we will see what wins out on the other:) I had Cole and Anna last night, Sean and Sarah went to a wedding and just spent the night here, they are still asleep, Anna just got up to I will not be here long and spend some time with her, she is growing up sooooo fast!! She loves her some Cole, she is so good with him! Well off to make some decisions!! I cannot find my house pics, will look later:)

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