Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am so excited the day has come for Alex and Jill to be pregnant and they are both so excited!! This has been a long journey for them and a hard one, I would just hurt for Alex and Jill when she would not be pregnant and all around her was just thinking of having a baby and they would be pregnant! A few years back I had told Alex that I knew God would give them a baby, I saw a lady from the back who I would of thought was Jill and she was looking at baby boy things and I felt in my spirit God told me Jill and Alex would be fine and she would one day have a baby, then when all the infertility started I would remember that, then again God did almost the same thing, except this time the lady who looked like Jill and was pregnant was looking at girl things, BUT the word I knew was Jill would have a baby, I just did not know when, last year the Lord told me she would be pregnant in March and when March came and went and she was not pregnant I thought ok what is the deal, I talked to Alex about it, but still knew she would be pregant, and I just now realized this March, is the March! So many times when the Lord shows us things we do not have the timing or the whole picture of what is going on, but I knew in my spirit Jill would get pregnant and I am so excited it is March and she is!!! I just want to squeal I am soooooo EXICTED!!! next step for Jill is to go to Dr. tomorrow and have her levels check, they are perfect right now and I believe will be tomorrow then when ready they do a ultrasound to See how many:) she stays with this Dr. till 10 week pg then will transfer to Dr. Simmons, who delivered Alex!!! Again I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! You know it is like when I would have another baby, I would get so excited, I love each one so much and love them all the same, that is how I feel about my grand babies too!!
Today Cary preached a great sermon and worship was real sweet, Steve did not feel to good so he stayed home, his back is really hurting him, he is looking forward to surgery April 9th. to repair his implant, then no more pain, he will be so relived and I will too, I hate to see him push him self so hard when he is hurting. We then worked on easy street and then went to the barn, Apache was wonderful and is loving his new stables, it is so close, April is excited to, plus Julia Faulk vet in NLR boards there and we can do trial rides together:)) so fun!! Tomorrow I walk at 7:30 and really do not want to wake up and do that but will:) I have not lost any weigh this week so I need to cut back on intake and exercise more:(((( aaaaghhhh!!!!! I will be so thankful when I arrive:)) well gotta take April to Hot Springs to spend the night with Derol and Ann May, Katherine and Rachael are there:) so off we go then to bed I go so NITE!! FROM A PROUD NANA!

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Alex and Jill said...

We were so excited to tell you this morning!!

We love you guys!