Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Madnss.....

Today was a Monday....I was running behind when I started my day...due to the fact I got up at 8:15am....this time change kills me. I had a class at 10:00 and made it there at 10:15, glad I was not teaching it. Then off to the LR office, of course I had to go by the fresh market....I love their home made salsa, it is sooooo good! Then I got some California eggs roils for lunch and some creame brule for April....she loved it and some fresh strawberries and fruit dip and vanilla bread and chicken soup and Lobster Bisque........I should of ate before I went!! I got a lot done today and I really need some new listings so pray I get some, if I have listings I wil have buyers from the calls off the listings:) I am going to bed to watch Dancing with the stars, I love that show..Oh yes, I went to Dr. Varley Friday with a coupon he had in the paper, you get exam and x=rays for 27.00 then you can join the rub club which I will get two 1/2 hr. massages and 2 Chiropractic treatments for $49.95 a month....can you believe that!! And He is a good Chiropractor and the massage was real good too, I could even walk normal after wards!! and I can move my arms and do not hurt...for those who do not know, massage sometimes puts in a handicap mode:) They have different specials you can do four 1 hr. massage and 2 Dr. visits for $169.95 a month and a normal massage is 50-60 per hr if you need a good chiropractor and massages let me know. I do not have any coupons but I think they would see you if I ask and give you the coupon rate too!! I feel better then I have in the last few days after seeing him and getting a half hr massage! He is on Hwy 107 in Sherwood;)) NITE

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Jen and Jared said...

Thanks for the comment. It means the world to me that YOU would say I'm a good mother. And I am so proud to be your D-I-L and to be part of the wonderful Averitt Family! Love you!!