Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

Daddy Grand and Cole

Today I got up and did my jog/walk for a mile and half, and I enjoyed it;) Plus I walked and just stretched and cooled down, so when I took my shower I was fine!! I am learning;)) I went to church and then Sean and Sarah brought Cole and Steve and I and April took him home:) They had a fun day at the races. I had open House in Quapaw Towers Condos and Steve and April watched Cole, they did just fine and so did he. Then I told Steve I had to have suppa toscana form Olive Garden for dinner and there was not getting around it, it had to be!! So April went and got some and brought it hoe and I ate it and loved it!! I was craving it! Cole is fast asleep and I am in my day dress:) and going to go to bed early. Sean and Sarah are on there way here. I am so thankful it did not rain, I do not like to do open house int he rain:) The condo is stunning!! Had three people through it, so not a bad day:) I have a full Monday and Tuesday so far, so off to bed early! Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to say they did the transfer with Jill, all went fine, she is home resting for the next two days it is bed rest for her, her mother came to take are of her;) Keep praying that the babies, which they are now;) and I believe they are from the very beginning, but I know medically some disagree, anyway they are in her womb and I pray they stay there for nine months and come out Strong and healthy!! Please pray with me!! Nite

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