Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Sassy Saturday with babies

There cannot be anything more sweeter then having your grand baby spend the nite and when they wake up, while they are still drowsy they just cuddle and cuddle and cuddle....first Laila who is 8 1/2 months woke up and we cuddled for a hour or so, she just cuddle into me and would look at me with her big blue eyes, she just laid in my arms and we sang and rocked, then Peyton when she was going to sleep she just cuddle with me too, you know how you say your prayers with them and they name everyone they have ever known??? I just love it, then Peyton will say I wuve u, and she went to sleep...of course she lays side ways during the night then gets so close you maybe have a inch no not even a inch of space, she is all cuddled up:) I just love it!! I wish when my children were little I would of realized how quick they grow up and how special that time was and not worry about cleaning and all the things that take you away from those special times.
Jared and Jenn picked them up about 10ish and I went to Nat. Home ctr. with Hannah to get things for the easy street house and we ate at Gadwall's which I have not been there in a while or alone with Hannah at lunch and I enjoyed my time with her:) Alicia called and Bob's sweet grand mother Ruby went to be with Jesus today, she was elderly and sick so it is a blessing and she was ready but it is never easy to let someone that important to you keep them in our prayers, they were all close and loved Ruby, they went to visit her last week end and prepared the kids fro her to go to Heaven.
My sweet Alexandria made 9th grade cheer leading, I can not believe she Will be in the 9th grade, she is a for real sweet heart!!
I am home alone, Steve is a easy st. house getting it ready with Hannah and Mark and April , I am about ready for bed.......I am getting up and going to see April Bivens finish the LR Marathon in the morning...I am excited to be a part of it and for sure still getting ready for next year!!
Anyone go to the Peabody to see Joe Biden and Blanche Lincoln?? Not I, I had too many things to do with my babies:) I helped get Blake and Olivia bathed tonight and feed, the oversaw Max getting his bath. Before I sent the Averitt girls home, after breakfast, I bathed its like old times when I did that daily!! NITE!


Rhonda Rae said...

I didnt go see them but I did think about goin and joinin the protest. LOl i know im such a crazy but I like to stand up 4 what I belive in lol.

Anonymous said...

What you said was so sweet I enjoyed time with you too. I will try so hard to take your words of wisdom and enjoy time with my babies when they first get up or are going to bed. Your so right its easy to get caught up in the other things in life. I am glad our babies have a Nana like you that loves them so much. Plus Lord knows I couldnt do it without you. I love you. Hannah