Tuesday, March 24, 2009


FYI>>>Jill's was 1199, which is wonderful, this is some kind of level to tell them her pregnancy is healthy, she was 77 Saturday and we were looking for it to double by Monday!! YEA!!!! well Monday I got up at 8:30 and loved it, of course today I am back on track but who knows for tomorrow:) I went and took pics on my new listings yesterday and then had lunch with Pam Cupples at Carinos:) yummy shrimp artichoke ceasers salad! Then worked and later went to Searcy with Hannah's children while she and Mark worked on the house, Steve and I went to look at some saddles and bought a beautiful saddle for a great price, I will take a pic today for you to see:) or maybe tomorrow, I may not have time today:) April will love it. Then we took them all to the barn and let them sit and we lead Max and Apache, Olivia had the cute little sun suit on, when we got to the barn she was totally wet, I guess I needed to change her a few hours back;( so I stripped her down to a new diaper, all of the babies were so good and Blake is too funny!! He really thinks he is as big as Max is. We did sit him on the horse with Max or he would not have understood, since we had not saddled him, we just let hi sit on him instead of lead. We had big plans to saddle and let them ride as we lead them, BUT after the car trip and the hour at the man's house in Searcy looking at so many saddles and his horse, (I lifted so many saddles and they are heavy) plus I walked snake hill yesterday am and it bout killed me!! I was tuckered out! So we came home,about 7ish, I fed Olivia and Steve took the boys to Mc Donalds and to a house I listed to put the sign up:) then Hannah and Mark came home and took over, that is the most wonderful part of grand babies!! Yesterday someone told me I always had babies at my house and I guess I do but when you have 10 and a few more on the way...TE HEE you want to see them all so its like you have someone all the time:) BUT I LOVE IT!! when I am tired is just say no I need Linda time:) which I do get. OH YES, I had forgot to ell ya'll that April did get her enrollment in the Comanche Indian Roll, she has her CIB card, which is certified Indian Blood, we waited till she was 18 to make sure we did not have a problem with the Tribal Court on placing her with her tribe. When we adopted her we did go trough the Tribal Court too but always was afraid of enrolling her, I had seen where after years they have removed children to be in their tribe, it is a Federal Law that super cedes our state laws, anyway she is now a CIB Comanche Indian and Caddo!! so come on Scholarships!! well got to get to work....hugs

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