Friday, March 27, 2009

Day after Jared's Birthday! Fabulous Friday!

My Jared's Birthday and My Jenn's is March 31st, these are two peas in a pod!! They could of been twins!!
My Averitt girls and my fat legs thet carry me struggling up snake hill and back, someday they will be skinner! Thye have too, they do not have a choice!

Nana and her Laila baby!!

My sweet Peyton and her contagious smile, she is just too cute and has such a personality to match her smile!

Today starts early for me, showing property at 8:45am, and hope to write a offer!! My home is clean thanks to my beautiful daughter April Rebecca, she really did a good job and it needed it! I have my candles burning and music in the back ground and all is quiet here, I love quiet mornings when everything is clean and I have Chocolate Raspberry Coffee that I am drinking! Fresh flowers on the table and I have already had my I am good to go, all my psychological needs should be met for me thru my sensory part of my brain!! Learned all that when working at Living Hope Institute! I feed those needs as I do my physical ones and spiritual ones, if I don't I can tell a big difference in me:) like someone else comes out in my when I get into stress....tee hee. I have pics of Peyton and Laila form yesterday, Peyton stayed on her horse Lucky almost the whole time I was there and Laila just played, they are both so cute and have such sweet gentle spirits, Peyton put her little arms up to me for me to pick up and when I did she just hugged my neck and cuddled me.....oOOOOhhhhhh those grand babies have my heart!! I wish I had known to cherish all that with my children instead of worrying about a clean house or dinner or being the perfect mother and all is spotless, you can never get a day back so enjoy your life each day and you family! As we all know it can change in a moments notice. UCHHHH!! I have to walk snake hill today and I am sooooo sore form lifting Apache back feet to clean his hoofs, and from working on Easy street, if I come to mind say a prayer for me, this is hard stuff but for once in my life I am making my body do what I think is best and having some discipline over it....a new thing for me;)) I am off to a worked filled but wonderful day on Friday!! Tally Ho!

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Jen and Jared said...

I love the pictures and I'm loving the coffee maker (Jared is too!). It's so fun to try the different flavors - I still like vanilla best though! :)