Friday, March 13, 2009

Its Friday!!

Victoria slammed her finger in the car door and about past out!
Peyton and Laila eating their dinner

My Peyton Lou who is 2 yrs old

Jack in the play

Jack as JACK in the bean stalk!

Yesterday was a great day, I had work and then went to the Affiliates appreciation dinner at North Pulaski Board of Realtor's, it had a great turn out. Then went to Jack's school play in which he was Jack in Jack and the bean pics did not turn out to good but I posted some anyway:)
Tonight I have the Averitt girls, I called Jared to see if they wanted a date night and they did:) so Laila and Peyton are with us:) I put their pics too:) they have been too sweet! I am so ready fro warm weather again, tomorrow ill be cold and raining off and on and I am ready fro sunny and warm!! Sunday is the Little Rock Marathon! Next year I will be ready to run in it my self, I have three other runners with me to tag each other, so we will do 6-7 miles. I am walking to get ready for it and have a year to do it in:) and I Will need a year!! I do not like walking when it is cold!
well got to get Peyton back to that means I lay down too and I know I will go to sleep:) Nite

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