Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Madness

I knew today when I got up that I had probably over booked my self:) Something I do not mean to do but do it often. I walked this morning then off to the NLR office, I got a referral from Kennye Price on listing a home in Greystone, so I am so excited and another possible listing near me and then our easy street will be ready next week!! Oh yes, and one in Sherwood on Barber! So maybe I Will get some buyers too!! YEA!! I then took my 95 pound mother with all her clothes on to the Dr. to make sure she is healthy, she has alzheimer's and is doing well. I cooked all week end, tonight they had spaghetti and spinach salad with strawberries and home made rolls, then tomorrow is chicken and dumplings and Wed. I Will be back in LR and take them food for Wed., Thur., Friday and some home made soup and they can do pizza for Sunday:) I also got her boost to drink, good thing I like to cook!!:) I wish I could cram it all down my mouth on days like today:) I then went to the LR office and worked. Our wonderful horse that I got on a impulse does not get along with the 1yr fillies, he chases them and to put him in the stall, a stud is next to him and another horse on the other side and he is having social problems:) so we will be looking for him a boarding stable near us, so pray we find one, we need to move him by Friday:((( talk about stress!! I need a break for me with no problems or interuptions of me and me time:) Get my drift?? Steve will have surgery on his back April 9th, which is a good thing, he is getting his implant fixed a wire is loose and it is not working and he is in a lot of pain all the time. SO I will get my time before that:) Please keep Jill in your prayers that she continues to nourish the babies that were implanted and that they attached to her uterine wall:) and stay till they are full term and healthy. Also I am missing Jimmy Maxwell and I know his son and daughter and for sure Sherry are too, so keep them in your prayers. By the way April is seeing the light and has decided to forget Drew:) he has already moved onto one of her friends........go figure, he is 20! Well I am ready to watch dancing with the stars and go nite nite!!

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