Saturday, March 21, 2009


Thursday was almost a blur for me, I had Meetings at the NPBOR all morning then I came home and thought I have got to have Linda time so I left town with Sherry Maxwell, I had such a good time, I went to bed early and then today got up at 10:30am and would of still be asleep had her phone not rang, the room was dark, I love hotel rooms because of that!! Then I got my bath and ate lunch and went back to be for a nap and woke up about 5ish, I was exhausted! I love going with Sherry anywhere because she will just do her thing and you can do yours, so she even came in and took a nap too! I woke up before she did so I went and ate and ate then later she woke up and we came home;))It was a much need mental break for me. Now the good news is I have a buyer for the house I just listed on Trammel road!! YEA!! I will write the offer tomorrow and Sherry is doing their loan! Also have a listing appointment at 1:00 tomorrow in Sherwood. We will move Apache in the morning t his new stables too, so tomorrow afternoon I will go ride him and see what he thinks about it all!! Then we have to work on easy street house, it is open Sunday and we are not anywhere near ready!! BUT WILL BE. Keep praying for Jill, she will do her testing next week so we will know soon:) Well it after midnight so gotta go nite nite!

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