Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

Got up about 9:00am and drank a cup of coffee sat in my chair and just sat:) then got ready and went to Journey Church and then went to eat at Shorty's Smalls with Alex and Jill and of course Steve said, I want a burger baby, so he got a free burger:) enjoyed lunch, the Steve and Alex went and got the boat, I took a nap:) then went to walmart with Miss April to do our feet and nails and they were closed:((( so we got groceries, April unloaded them too:) YAHOOO I have some help, if I can adjust to her style and speed:) she is totally in 1st gear all the time, unless your in the car when she is driving and turning corners then she goes way too fast! But I did have her get what she will cook this week at the store and she goes to work on our books in the am, Steve is teaching her and she is working for him and me this summer then going to Pulaski Tech this fall. I hope it all works as we want it too, she needs some life skills:) I went with Steve to take Alex home then we drove around and got FSBO numbers so I can try to get some listings:)) then home and watching a movie with Steve:0 its been a lazy day Sunday for me:) Hugs and nite!!!

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