Wednesday, May 13, 2009

where is the sun????

Before I left it was raining and since I have been home it is raining, I am ready for some SUN!! Yesterday was a typical Tuesday, sales meeting and property tout then a lunch/meeting for NPBOR, ( Realtors) which was a good lunch and meeting at Altel. We meet once a month. Then went to see Edwanda, she is doing very well but will continue to need your prayers, I really know she is a answered prayer, I wondered if she would even come home. Thank the Lord she did and is doing well, she has a Chemo treatment tomorrow then one more then radiation.
Ok change the subject, while I was gone I started reading Linda Apple's book inspire and it has me wanting to write, I have always wanted to write a book and wish I had journaled when the kids were little BUT I didn't, so I am considering writing, her book teaches you how to write an it for sure has inspired me to start, so I may practice some here on my blog:) Like yesterday when I described the ocean:) I am telling you this so you will not think I have flipped when I go into more detail about something:) All here is good, April will have her last day of school Friday, she is ready and so am I:) I was talking to her yesterday and I said, "You need to go and apply for a job this summer, she said, that's not going to happen, I Patiently said why not? She said because I could not go to the lake with ya'll when you want me to go." Believe it or not I let it go, but my little sweetie pie has a new world coming to her soon:) Her plans are to go to PTec, I think she wants to go into culinary arts or do hair, she cannot makeup her mind. I remind my self that she is only 18 and she has all her life to grow up. BUT then I say if I am working my tail off she can too:)))) and this is the real world! so who knows how this summer will be. Last night her friend Nathan was here and he had parked his and his dads antique truck in the front of our home and a neighbor who NEVER stops at the stop sign ran through it and was going to fast and hit his truck! So lights, police and more neighbors were here and Steve and I slept though the whole thing! We did write two offers yesterday!! YEA!! Today I have to see my little averitt girls!! I miss them and have not seen them yet, I saw Olivia and Max yesterday and Livia just starred at me, I think she was pouting cause she has not seen me in two weeks which is a long long time for me to go!! well of to a rainy day Wednesday that is suppose to have been sunny!!

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