Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday post on Sunday:)

Olivia was fretful and Hannah and Mark had a timed test to take so I got her and brought her to my house:) she seems fine to me, must have needed Nana!
I have a pic of Sean that looks just like this:)

Telling secrets!

Anna is so good with Cole, a great big sister!

My little Cole, so happy all the time!

Saturday started real quick then I was about to read the paper and I saw Sean pull up, I was glad to See him and Cole and Anna:) Cole has grown and looked like Sean tome, but mostly he looks like Sarah's brother Josh:) Max and Blake came over and we all watched BOLT ate cherry tomatoes, in which Blake and Max love and cashews for Anna.....and of course juice:) Then Sean and I went to Sam's and walmart to get things fort he crawfish boil, we ordered 100 pds. of crawfish, Sean loves a cook out, if your reading this and want to come then come on, its at 4:30ish at my house:) Sean and his friend Nick and Steve and April and Nathan fished and we have plenty of ish to fry:) so menu is hush puppies, french fries, fish, all the trimmings and crawfish with new potatoes and corn on the cob and some kind of sausage cooked all together in a big pot:) People are bringing side dishes too, its sure to be fun and you will for sure get full!! I will take some pics:)
I did have to work some, I went to Cabot to get a contract signed that was suppose to close this Thursday and will now close July 7th., the buyer had a problem on his financing but we got it all worked out....thankfully:) By the way the market is great here to buy or sell, they are working on getting the $8000 dollar tax credit that a first time buyer can get to be bale to be used for their down payment and closing cost, NOW that will be a BIG deal for people having not bought a home in three years or a first time buyer!! It should get me running in all directions and I am ready!! If you know of anyone have them call me asap:) 501-831-2510 Steve and April are still in bed and I think we have a lot to get done on the yard....hummmm.... plus we are going to church so someone needs to get it in gear and I do not think it is me:) best go start nagging.....have a great sun shiny day!!

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