Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday and bored:)

Ok, I need business, so call me or have anyone you know to call me if they need to list or buy a home!! Today I went tot he office and got finished up on everything by noon, had lunch with Pam and then had nothing to do, so so really need business:) Alicia sold three in three days!! Real Estate is so weird either your just on fire or your ice cold and right now i am chilly:) so if you know of anyone looking at selling or buying have them call me:) I came home and set outside for awhile, Sean and Sarah and Cole came by, Sean was getting the rest of the mess cleaned up, now you would never know we had a party:) April went home with them for the night to watch movies with Sarah, Sean has to work tonight. Jared called and Steve and I met them at Mi Burrito for dinner, the girls were so cute, of course Peyton had my keys and set my alarm off....on purpose:) Now back home and Steve has gone to help Mark get Easy street ready to close which is perfect timing for my finances:)) All is calm at my house hold and very quiet this evening, just remembered I need to go close my trunk where Peyton opened it too:) Going to read some and maybe watch a little TV....sorta boring around here today:) Nite

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