Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun, filled Tuesday

Well today started of course with sales meeting, I had a new agent there who I think will do great in real estate, he knows everyone!! and is very professional. Alicia had about 7 offers this week, I may hit her up for some money:))) she had a good week, she is a great Realtor! She works 24/7 and tries to make me broker when it is a holiday!! :))) Steve and I had to, just had to come back to the condo tonight to get the boat and put it at Lacy's Marina shop to get the water pump fixed, it broke this weekend:((( always something with a boat, I think renting is cheaper:) but then you can only have it for so long:( Tonight we went to a new place in Fairfield Bay we had been wanting to try out, it is Janzen's on the Bay, you know one of my favorite places to eat is Janzen's lakefront, well this is the same owners, it is like a sports bar, the food was good and you can play Texas hold-em, players have this large hand held thing ( you sit it on the table) that shows you your cards and the middle cards, you bet or check or fold with it too, you can sit anywhere and play it, but they have tv's that show the middle hand and the bets and which players turn it is, well we did it and I won 19,800.00 and Steve won 14,900. I was the top player and Steve second, I got four 5's!! we had six other players playing, we played for two and a half hours, plus ate! The players were nice, of course its no money just points, but fun! On wed, nights they have a tourney and give each player 10,000 and who ever wins gets a large pizza! So it is fun and best of all NO SMOKING!! So we have a new little place to take our mind off a days work:) when we are here. I have a few buyers to show property to this week but I really need listings so I am working on that! Real estate is busy now but it is a buyers market. Well got to get to bed in one of my favorite places...the condo, it is so quiet and peaceful here, I love it!! We met Jim and Phylis tonight they were playing too, nice couple:) I always think business when out like that so now I know their name and where they live I will send them a card:) never know......well going to bed...nite!

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