Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping

Max and his fish before cleaning and frying!
The fire I built

Max, night fishing look at the time:)

Olivia loving camping

Blaked loved camping

Mark and the boat

Hannah and Olivia with their ponchos on:) rain,rain, go away!

The camper

Mark and Max and Blake

Proud fishermen

Dooley.....the guard dog

Dooley Mcgill

Well we did not let the rain spoil our weekend:) of course I stayed the nights in the condo:) but the Mccgill's and the Averitt's, Sean and Sarah weathered it out! Jared and April and Nathan stayed at the condo with Steve and I and we had Daddygrand breakfast!! Then a Nana breakfast. We went to the camp during the day till the rain were too bad then we stayed at the condo:) Sean took Max fishing at midnight, they did trot lines or yoyo's and Max was so excited!! Max caught a catfish while he was fishing! Mark is having to clean it and cook it:) They made some wonderful memories for the children, Bob and Alicia and their children stayed at the condo too, and Anna and Cole. We cooked out Saturday night and it was the best grilled chicken I have ever ate! We had corn in the husk that we grilled too, just real yummy! The kids swam and had a great time. It rained off and on and we managed, Alica watched all of the Deadliest Catch and sold houses all weekend! She did the the lake deal until it started raining, she is for sure a fair weather camper:) But I am too....:) In all our activities, it is all possible because of the men and woman who have fought for our freedom in America and I am forever grateful, as I have heard freedom is never free, so thank you to all the Veterans who fought for our freedom, thank you for paying a price for me to be able to have a family filled fun packed time with my children and grand children this weekend and many more to come. Thank you Steve, Bob and Mark!

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