Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Again, Home Again!!

our room, waking up to this view!!
Sherry and I ready for our ride

me ready for the pool

one of the pools

my dinner:) yummy

hog/pig towel

Sunset from our room

Dinner with Jay and Brandi

Our ship

There is no place like home with family!! an your own bed with your hubby!! Oh my gosh the cruise was more then I could ever dream, the waters were a cobalt blue and just glimmered like sparkling stars! Our room had a balcony and we sit there daily and each night, I saw awesome sunsets, like the sun fading into the ocean, bright orange and yellow, it was so tranquil, had some deep thought time sitting on that balcony!! Every day there was so much you can do, I can not think of anything you can not do on a cruise! The food was scrumpious, we ate at the dinning room each night with Jay and Brandy Amberg, Sherry's boss, the waiters always did a show time and it was so much fun to watch! You meet people from all over the world! We did the horse back riding in the ocean on Ohis Rios, it was fun, the horses feel like a merry go round horse when your int he water, they lunge forward and then back to swim, I did get all wet:)) but it was fun! Then in Grand Caymen, we snorkeled, the water was clear and emerald green there, there was a lot of marine life, we snorkeled on a barrier reef, there were sting rays too:(( but I lived through them:) then in Belize, there was shopping!! I got a for real coach purse and a for real silver bracelet with black onyx and red coral necklace, a pendant silver and red for my silver chain, it is soooo pretty! Some T shirts for April and Steve, we ate lunch ate a neat place, it was real good!! I ate some things I have never ate before and liked it all....image that:)) At night they clean your room again and make a animal out of a towel on your bed and leave the itinerary for the next day along with two mints:) and I had room service almost every night, Cesar salad that was sooooo good, it had anchovies in the dressing! They made a chocolate molten cake daily and I got the recipe, I will make it and share it with you:)) you will love it if you like chocolate! well it was a wonderful vacation, a for real vacation with you doing nothing but being waited on!! I love crusin and will fro sure go again with Steve, I missed him! The I will do a dive! Enjoy the pics! Got to face the real world, but I am ready:)


Alex and Jill said...

Love the pics!! So happy you're home. We need to come over soon and bring your Mother's Day gifts. I received your voicemail yesterday...thank you. :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you two go to go and experience all that you did. I have been on one cruise and LOVED it and want to/plan to take another one, sooner than later. We too went to Grand Cayman and it was awesome!!!! I'm glad you are home but thrilled for you and Sherry!!!! And I am excited about FL in August! :) love you. ab