Thursday, May 14, 2009

Headachey Thursday

Do you ever have a pounding headache in your sleep, it wakes you up but your still real sleepy so I think lay real still and it will stop, then I go back to sleep. When I wake its not there but comes back during the day???? I sometimes wonder did I really have a headache or was I dreaming??? anyway it is a sinus day for me and a headache, I came home after a meeting and took a nap and took some Zyrtec, which helped with the headache but still have congestion and nasal deal going on. so that is a bummmmmmmeeeerrrr! Alicia has bronchitis and feels terrible. So hope tomorrow is better:))) I did not get to see Layla or Peyton since I took a nap, but I hope I do tomorrow:) I am thankful the rain has quit fro awhile:) Sean is planning a craw fish boil and fish fry Sunday so I hope the weather is pretty, ordered 100 pds. of craw fish.....yummy!! I made my chocolate melting cake last night, it was sooooooo good and I waited on putting Mark and Hannah's in the oven till they were ready, it cooks for 12 minutes, well American Idol was on during that 12 minutes, so needless to say the yummy melting cake turned into CAKE which is not what it is to be, it has cake like on the outside of it and a fudge middle of it, almost like a pudding and it is soooooo good, it is so chocolate!! So theirs was not too good. Well April and Steve are going fishing with Sean for Sunday's Craw fish and fried fish cook out, hope they catch some:) it will be a quiet evening for me, may read some and go to bed early. HUGS

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