Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cooking Wednesday!

Well I cooked all day just about! I got finished with work early and started cooking, I cooked Chicken Spaghetti, chicken and dumplings and cabbage! I love cabbage! Then prepared a salad and bread to go with the chicken spaghetti for super. I made some for mother and Walt and Edwanda. I went to see Ed and she is doing quite well, she has one more chemo then will start radiation which will be hard on her. Her hair is gone but she looks so cute with her turban and is waiting on her wig, her turban has bangs:) Keep her in your prayers. She and my mother weigh the same 104 pds.!! Too little if you ask me!
Sean and Sarah brought April and Mollly home, they had been there fro two days, they fished and shot the shot guns:) and played skipbo...sounds fun tome! April will graduate this Saturday morning at 9:30, I still do not understand why in the world they plan a graduation on Memorial day week end! We have big plans to go to the lake, we have two camp sites that are wonderful, Hannah will have a camper there and Sean and Sarah will come Sunday and camp out too, of course I stay in the condo:) Alicia and Bob will stay there too and maybe Jared and Jill and Alex will come down. Jenn will be with her daddy and sister getting ready fro her sister's wedding! Looking forward to some family time. We close on our Easy street house, I will take a pic of it, I wish I had done before and after pics, it looks so good!! I am amazed at what all Steve and Mark have learned to do, I now know they can do it!! So I am looking for another investment home to buy!
I was SO excited when Kris Allen won AI!!! When I first heard hm sing, I thought he is good but he will have to get better! I told Sherry if he was to win it would be because the Lord wanted him too, then as he went on he really came out of his shell and that boy can sing and is so talented!! I am proud of him and Arkansas! Well so much for my Wednesday!! I will post pics later of the house! and you know I will of the weekend!! HUGS! Make this a GREAT day for you!

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