Friday, May 29, 2009

Its Friday!!

Say a pryer for Cole he is sick with a cold and fever, went to the Dr. today:(((

I do go on my listing appointments and YES I got the listings!! Yea!! Its our on East Lawson road, two homes on five acres each, then I called someone who had said they were thinking of selling and he said yes he is ready!! So three new listings...YAHOOOOO! Now to do all the paper work, but I will not complain since I ask ya'll to pray for me some listings:0 Today has been a rather slower day for me still even with all that, I am home early, so thought I would blog early. Steve and I ate at this mom and pop place on Lawson, it was too good, home made food, had beans and corn bread:) So we have had our dinner early....salad for supper. I will make my self walk today, I did not do it n the am so I got to do it when the sun gets cooler! I am ready to swim at Alicia's, her pool will be ready Sunday:) YEA!! Steve has gone to make keys for the condo, we lost it when we were there:( we got the one Kay has, she barley trust us with it:) but we promised not to lose it:) Mother is doing good, she does well in her home, she could still gain some weight but she is eating good:) Walt just sits in his chair, usually does not get dressed unless he is going to the store which he still does:) and we let him, they know him there and take good care of him, he rides in the wheel chair there and wobbles in on his walker;) He is still independent and so is she....which is a good thing, sometimes frustrating for me but still a good thing. Well guess I need to get back to work on my paper work, have appointments all day tomorrow:) woohoo!! hugs!! Oh yes, say a prayer for Cole he has a fever:((((

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Alex and Jill said...

I know exactly where you ate...I used to get lunch from there when I lived out in the woods. :)