Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is this Monday???

Today started early, had appointments to do a final walk thru on a home then off to one of my agents listing to help resolve some ways to get their home sold quicker, then off to Benton to list those houses, once we had done all the paper work, I ask the seller again if he was released from his previous contract, he said again he was, I told him I would need something in writing from that Broker, so he called and the Broker went off on him and said no, he would not do that, and would charge him the cancellation fee, sooooooooo after all that we will need to wait till the listing expires before I can list it, the said part is, his agent said she had two offers pending but did not present them to him due to the fact she thought he took it off the market, which is a BIG no no in real estate, I hate it when there are agents and brokers like this that make us all look bad to the public:( The worst part of this, I was ready to go to a friends wedding in Benton, but did not get finished at the sellers home till it was over:((( Then went to Cabot to get my loc box off a listing that sold and by the Cabot office to pick up some paper work for the seller, then to his house on the other side of Cabot and when I came out I saw a screw in Steve's tire, so we went to walmart in Cabot, which was a total joke in the customer service and left there and I realized I left my phone at the Cabot office, so back to there to get the phone, now we had planned to go get the boat at Greers Ferry, and had planned on doing that and coming home tomorrow, BUT the screw changed those plans, so we came back home went to the walmart in sherwood and it was backed up too, so we came home and Steve fixed it:) so I fixed a salad and its 8:30 and I am ready for bed, I feel I have drove around the world today:)) Guess we will have to get the boat in the morning, we need to bring it home so Steve can fix it:) Seems like today was a lot of wasted time....but who knows, God's ways are not my ways and He was probably protecting me from something:) NITE!

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