Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Days!

Oh Happy Day!! I am gearing my self up to hit the road running tomorrow and do some business, I have a listing appointment in Benton at 11:00, It is for two homes and I am competing with three other Realtors for the business, I love to compete!! So pray I get it! We are having a listing contest too:) and I need listings to make some money:) If you do not list in real estate, you do not last! They have a saying, Realtors never die, they just get listless!
Well four people left me msg. so I know the comet section works on my blog:) My friend Pam told me it did not work right, so I guess it is working now:) tks for leaving me a msg.
Sounds as if it is going to be hot here and sunny for the next few days, which will be good! I have appointments all week end and first of week till Thursday! So I need to get my running shoes on:) I am proud of Alicia she has 13 loans in closing and still working her business! YEA!! makes for a great vacation on Aug., now I have to do that:) well I do not have to but want too!
All is quiet in my family, Steve will be busy fixing things, the boat needs a water pump, the wave runner needs plugs, the lawn mower needs some work..........seems like everything broke! But the cars that we drive run!! April has fallen for Nathan Hicks, and I think he has her, time will tell:) Well gotta go and work on the listing presentation tomorrow!! nite

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