Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closed Easy Street!! YEA

My favorite sign!!!!
Hard to see house with all the trees! new roof and stain!

New vanity and faucets

New fireplace cover, it was gold:)

New carpet and kitchen restrained cabinets and new knobs

New stove, dish washer and sink:) Look how good the cabinets look!! TKS to Hannah!

For those who do not know what Easy street is, it is the house we fixed up and sold:) A sweet young couple bought it and I know they will love it!! I can not believe what all Steve and Mark were able to do, I saw it transform in front of my eyes!! I am looking for investment property!! We need to find one and refurbish it and I need to sell it my self!!! God is so good to help get my debts form the hospital paid, it is dwindling down:) YEA! Though I would show you some pics:) Tonight I have the Averitt girls, Peyton and Laila with us to spend the night:) We went to mother and Walt's to take them some Lasagna and chicken and dumplings and chicken spaghetti and cabbage and corn bread!! Plus Rum Cake from Grand Cayman!! Mother loved Peyton holding her hand and walking around her house, it was fun but sad too, mother can not remember who is who now and it is hard for her, but she loved seeing the girls:) Walt was in his chair and Peyton was not sure of him, he had on his ball hat and glasses, she did blow him a kiss:) Laila was her happy self and just talked and smiled at them both!! Mother wanted to hold her so bad but I was afraid she may drop her so when she sat down Layla let her for a few minutes while she ate Cheerios:) and Peyton got in her lap and let her rock her:) Mother loved it!! Well Laila is asleep and me and Peyton are on our way!! NITE!!

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Jen and Jared said...

That is so special. Thank you for taking the girls tonight and thank you for taking them to see Mimi and Walt. What precious moments they shared tonight. Love you!!!!