Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Honor April Rebecca Averitt

Our Baby has Graduated!

Her class. Sylvan Hills High School 2009

April walking in

Well we came to bring Hannah and Mark's camper to the camp ground Friday, then went to Jazen's to eat and to bed at the condo, got up early and went to UALR for April's Graduation:) I can not believe she has grown up, seems like it was her kindergarten graduation not long ago! God so blest us with putting April in our life and home, we are so thankful! I remember when we first saw her, her birth mother lived with us and went into labor, Her contractions were irregular but when she contacted April would just go crazy inside, kicking and moving, I told Steve I thought something was wrong, and off we went to the hospital and sure enough they did a er c-section, the cord was around April's neck, she was perfect and healthy! We brought her home with her birth mother, in time we realized it was not going to work with her birth mother and we took temp custody of April, when she was 19months old her birth mother and father came back on the scene and we proved them unfit and their rights were terminated to April, both were very unfit to be a parent and could not provide for April, we adopted her for the state, in saying this, April was never out of our home during this time. April is Caddo and Comanche Indian so we also had to go through the Tribal court which there is a Federal law that we could not adopt April since we had no Indian blood, they keep the in the tribe, The Federal court submitted to the state court, so when Judge Robyn May's terminated there rights after going to court three times, we were so excited and relieved that April would never know that life much less have to live in it. April has since met her birth mother and brother who is 13 months younger then her, she has never met her birth father, he is still very messed up. Steve and I are April's brother and sisters know God has a plan for April and we are all so blest to be a part of it, she is much loved and very spoilt!! April this blog is to honor you, I pray you know how blest you are and you will keep God first in your life, go for all your dreams there in nothing you can not do with God's help::) we love you! (

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Anonymous said...

Thank you mama! I love you so much and I am so0o0o blessed to have you as a mother and have daddy..God has been good to me! =)