Monday, November 1, 2010


Well started out with my meeting, which went well. Then lunch with Alicia, the listing appointment and then a call for me to list at least 15 pieces of Real Estate tomorrow:))) Got another new listing in the computer, a condo at Chenalwoods, then my Miss Amelia came over:)) she was a little doll, she played and ate her dinner, some yucky looking baby food, I think squash and sweet potatoes and some yummy apple sauce:) Kay is at mother's tonight, mother seems to get more confused if you take her out of her home, and she just will not take a bath for the care givers and gets up set when you ask if she would like to get a shower or bath, so gotta figure that one out:) One thing in the book I read on Alzheimer's, it states you live in their world they cannot live in yours any longer, we want mother to stay in our world and she can't, so we have to live in hers, things are scary, she does not know or remember if she has a home or a bed, she is afraid to be alone, and she has not been alone since Walt died and she will not be alone ever. Its just tuff to watch her change so much........she does still know Kay and I when she sees us, but she will not know that she has just seen us, she will be so thankful for us to come over and just hug us. I sure wish she could remember that:( As long as she stays in her home and her world all is well and she feels safe, but let there be too many people around or your getting ready to go and you can tell she is very unsure and will need to know what is going on, who will be with her...just sad:(((((( Wish I could make it different for her:) She weighs between 110 and 112 and looks real good, mother has always been younger looking then she is and pretty and that has not changed:)) On another note, Steve will be needing surgery in January on his Ulnar nerves in both arms, if he does not have it he will lose the ability to use his hands, then today went to the eye dr. and has cataracts, that can be later, the dr. said he has some time before the eye surgery:) He is not looking forward to that:(( He is struggling with April and her choices she is making right now, I think I am coping better then he is, he takes it real personal, so keep us in your prayers:)) Looking forward to having some me and Alicia time the end of this week, will do polls in am for my friend, then go list houses, then Hannah comes wed to go to Dr., on Sat. I think maybe Cole is spending the night, I have not seen him in awhile:)) love my grand babies:)) by Sunday night I will be tired again:))) but oh what fun life is!! Well remember to take some you time and enjoy a special friend today:)) You never know what tomorrow holds so do not get bogged down in today!! hugs and nite

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