Sunday, November 21, 2010

On way home

The Cruise is over….boo hoo! We debarked quickly, we were number 6 so it was easy, then one piece of our luggage was lost so that took a whileSad smile we ended up with the people with number 17, but all in all it was easy, last cruise took hours because of immigration/customs, someone tried to bring something back they were not suppose to.  Had a great time and wanted to share my favorite desert besides the Cream Brule,last day 002Chocolate Melting cake, some say Molten Cake, was soooooo good, you cook it eight minutes, so its almost done with a fudgy middle. The only sunset I remembered to take, and almost did not get it…look real hardlast day 001Now home to my babies and can not wait for the McGill’s to get here, we go to baby views Wednesday to see what Hannah is havingSmileThen Thanksgiving!! So thankful for my family!

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