Saturday, October 30, 2010

Totally a slug today!

I woke up and thought I would go to Dr. Stephens funeral, she is the Dr. I worked for when I worked at Living Hope Psych Institute, she past away, I went to the visitation Friday night and had thought I would go to the funeral this morning. During the night my stomach hurt and kept hurting, then this am I was afraid to eat, so I drank some milk and it made it hurt, it felt like my pancreas so I am ever so careful!! I went back to bed and slept till 2:30!!! Steve had gone hunting so the house was quiet:) I finally got some clothes on, my tummy felt better and went to mother's, I had gone through her winter clothes with her:) then met Sherry Maxwell and ate dinner now back home in my chair in my PJ's......there is so much I could of done today but just did not feel like it so I just rested,what I call a slug:) Steve and Anna saw a deer but missed it and then Sean missed it too, guess it was not day for that deer to die:) No way could I even shoot a deer, but I do like to eat the meat:)) It has been a beautiful day here, sat on mother's deck for a long time and just visited. its a no make up day for me:) I am excited about my cruise, to think it is in two weeks blows my mind! I am going to take it slow for the rest of the year and enjoy my family and friends:) Slow for me is normal for most:) I usually stay in high gear! I do have a listing appointment this Monday and I am working but not pushing my self:)) I think I will decorate the inside of my house for Christmas so when I come back from the cruise I will be ready:)) I do not ever think Christmas stays up long enough:) Steve acted like how in the world will we have time to do that before we go.....its not like he has to do it all:)) I will wait on the outside lights till we get back so no one will talk about us:))) Well believe it or not I am still tired and going to get in bed and watch TV...hugs and night!

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