Wednesday, November 17, 2010

great day in Jamaica

We docked in Montego bay this am, it was hazy and raining jamacia 001but that did not stop our fun day, we went on the snorkeling adventures, it was a caterman that picked us up, wonderful staff, learned me some Jamaican dances, it had a water trampoline, the little girl dancing on it danced the whole time to the music, Jack would have been a good match for her!jamacia 014Smile the snorkeling was awesome,jamacia 008 it wasjamacia 012 cloudy and raining on us some but the water was crystal clear, I saw so many different marine life, every color of fish, beautiful blue and black stripped, we had a huge coral reef and many, many different sea urchins and all kinds of fish, a centipede looking thing, then we went to Margaritaville which is totally different, it is no shoes no shirt still service, people just wore their swim suits because you can swim there!jamacia 021jamacia 026jamacia 023jamacia 022

jamacia 029jamacia 009It was  a fun day can’t wait to dive tomorrow in Grand Cayman!! hugs

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Alicia said...

Yes, Jack would have loved that and the girls too!!!