Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mother daughter time

Alicia all covered up being a slug:)

Alicia not wanting her picture took:)) I got to baby my baby:))))))

Tree's from condo, you cannot tell all the colors...:(

The drive:)

Tree's from condo deck

On Wednesday night Alicia and I came to the condo, she has needed some down time, so we ate at and headed to Fairfield Bay. I have not been here in a while, one reason I have it for sale. It is a quiet, peaceful place and a much needed refuge for Steve and I when we did not have our home alone, now all is moved out we do not come here as much, I forget how quiet and peaceful it is, the trees are really pretty now with all the changing of colors, our deck looks out to wooded area, so you can hear the trees swaying in the wind, I love that sound! You always and I mean always see deer and wild life, this am a huge and beautiful wood pecker was on a branch, I was able to watch it, thinking I am thankful it is pecking on the branch not the condo!! We went to bed early for Alicia, late for me:) and I slept till 9ish and she til 10:30ish, then we just sat and talked and did nothing, went to eat at Janzen's on the Bay, it was good, always is, its like a sports bar and grill, but family friendly till 9pm. Then went to some of the shops, and then got massages!! It was one of the best messages I have had in a long time. Came home and watched movies, slept til 10 the next morning and Alicia till 11:30ish:)) went and got lunch then just hung out at condo, then went to Janzen's lakefront, which is sooooooooo good! One of my favorite places to eat! Came home looked up places to go after Christmas for vacation:) Ate more fudge:( then went to bed, got up at 9 today, Alicia is still sleeping, we will go to a craft bazaar and eat lunch and come home today, it has been a great time of talking, playing and resting! Tonight Mr. Cole man is coming to spend the night, I can't wait to be with him!! Steve and Sean are at Hannah's hunting:) so its just me and Cole:) we will go see mother, she loves to see the grand babies:) Well best go and make my self come home:)) When I am here I wonder why I want to sell it, when I am not here I think , sell it, I do not come enough to justify being in debt for it:) hugs and have a great day!

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Alicia said...

You are the BEST mom EVER!