Thursday, November 11, 2010

running,running,running! whew!

Wow I have so much to get done on these new listings, it is about two hours of work on each listing, so you can image 15 new listings, you do the math, so I am up to my elbows to get them all done before I leave on my cruise......Steve and I had pis made yesterday in which I love of us!! I wanted a business pic and the one for our cards, that says spouses selling houses, just so you will know I do have correct grammar when I put it on a card:)

Ok you ready for this, I got a four foot BLACK Christmas tree form walmart, I thought all mother's waterford ornaments would be so pretty on it, of course it has to pass Kay's approval and so far all she can say is BLACK!! but its pretty and if she uses it, I will take pics!! Mother like it, but then she would like anything:))) This will be short and sweet because I am so tired and ready for bed, have a very busy day tomorrow:) I am at my goal weight, now just maintaining and trying to firm up:))) hugs and nite
By the way it was like pulling teeth to get Steve cleaned up this good:) remember it is deer season and he has a beard:)))

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