Monday, November 15, 2010

My kind of life……..I think:)

I will blog of our first time ever in 38 years cruise togetherSmile when we got here it was very organized in getting on board ship, it took about a hour, you give your luggage to these people at the port and they take it for youSmile a dollar a bag and we had four so pretty good deal to meSmile Then you are lined up with thousand of other people in the world, we start our process of being in line, while in line we were towards the end where you give your pass port or birth certificate and boarding pass, this couple was behind us, and we had gone through when this lady started wailing, sobbing real loud, her husband holding her, the couple they were with just standing like a deer caught in head lights, the lady did not have her BC or passport, they did not let her on the ship, I thought on my word what would I do??? of course I wanted to fix it by telling her to have someone scan and email it to her phone, she still had three hours before departing, then I thought they could fax it, but then my sweet husband reminded me she may not have one and it is Sunday, then I just prayed for her, I would be so disappointed, as she was, I figured it was her husband because he left with her and a date would of went on, or is it the other way around??? tee hee The other couple went on the cruise. Then we were on the boatSmilecruise 011 our room, Steve

cruise 012in the bed, its Monday morning. my wake up viewSmile

After we got in our room, we went and entered a drawing at the spa,cruise 001we all got a massage, they had a special, in which this part of my blog may be x ratedSmile They had a full body exfoliation for free, if you got a massage, the hot stone massage was their boarding day special, so I said ok, Sherry was doing it too, they said, do you want to be together in the same room, I said that’s ok, no big deal, then my fellow said hold up, and he wanted one, so OF COURSE we were in the same room, and Sherry did her own thing, In 38 years I have NEVER experienced thisSmile bet your wondering……..well they took me to my room, then I realize Steve is coming in from the other side of the room, we each had our own physical therapist, and they are PT’s, they were Philippineo, the ones in pic above, they said to each of us, take off all your clothes and lay face down on the massage table, so we did, they came in and my lady said spread your legs, I thought………….yikes what have I gotten us into!!! then she began to rub this salt scrub on my back, I could not see Steve but knew he was doing the same thingSmile figured he thought, what has Linda got us into….sorta felt like EveSmile)) Now you are always covered and your never exposed, before your mind goes wild, you spread your legs so your shoulder blades are in correct form, BUT at the time it I did not know this. They totally scrub us down, except our private partsSmile and then said ok, Steve and Linda get into he shower and we will be back in to change your massage tables while your in the shower…..keep in mind we are aboard a ship, the shower is maybe a 2X2 and we are 4x4’s. and we had salt scrub all over us, there is nothing romantic about this shower, we barley could get it off our legs and I was glad I was not with SherrySmile, although we would have had more room Smilethen we both got back into our beds, and they came in and began the hot stone therapy, oh my word, I have never had a hot stone massage but I am sold on it, she would put the stones in her hands and rub them on my neck, it felt so good, I carry stress in my shoulders and shoulder blades, which I know thisSmile but this little lady worked it out, she said can you feel the knots? I said yes and hear them, it felt like she was grinding them together, she said I would be bruised, if I bruised easily, the products they use or amazing. the massage was amazing once I got past the embarrassment of it all and not knowing what to expect…… I got the oil and freeze for my muscles and put it on last night and this am, my shoulder blades are sore but my neck can turn and my head does not hurtSmile Have some stuff to bathe with once a weekSmile Now before that we went down get a little something to eat till diner, a lady choked, turned totally blue, they did heimlich oh her, a sm. piece came out, but the meds had to inabate her, so sad, she was totally blue then went gray, they carried her out on a stretcher and was breathing for her all they way, I just prayed and prayed…….so sad… we had the training on the life boat safety, it went good, then went for our massages, after that I had to shower my hair had oil all in it, and then went to the dinning hall and had the most delicious food, cream bruele, and chocolate melting cake for desert!!! can I just say it was sooooooooooooooo good! Then went to a show, then to bed by 10:30, had room service for breakfast between 8-9am and in room Smile just chillin with my hubby……cannot believe we are doing this!lcruise 013cruise 014cruise 015me bloggingSmilecruise 016

cruise 010


Alicia said...

I was about to be embarrassed for you on that massage part until you said, it was no romantic shower and you could barely get the stuff off of you!!! LOL....

Sounds like you are having a blast! I'm so happy for you but can't wait for you to get home! Love you both

Anonymous said...

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