Thursday, November 25, 2010

The full week!

This week has been a blurr.....with getting home form the Cruise, Monday was back at work, then Tuesday was Sales meeting and a full day, Wed., worked and went to store for Thanksgiving, then began cooking, Hannah and her family came Tues. night, I was so glad to see them all, its been about a month:(( Hannah had a Ultrasound and she is having a boy, they were excited!! Hannah has been so sick with this baby, she was sick while here, I was glad I could help her some. Had all my children and my sister and Colin and April And Matthew and their children, Clay had gone to Marylee's family this year, we had everyone here except Alex and Jill and Amelia, they were to go to Jill's family this year but Alex was sick, so it was a sickly Thanksgiving for them:( Mother had a great time, it is very hard to take her out, she gets so confused and does not know where her home is or if she has one, she will have no memory of it, or how she will get home or where she will stay, she gets scared, so we keep reassuring her, but the time will come when it is easier to go to her house and not bring her to ours:((( She feels great and looks wonderful, she actually has some meat on her bones! I love her so much and it is so hard to see her not remember things, she loves little children, she enjoyed holding Mikka and talking with the Grand children, she has such a loving heart!!

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